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Investor Friendly prides itself in keeping our promises to you and handling any issues that arise in a timely manner. This practice puts our company and you in the best position, and maintains everyone’s reputation.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact our property management expert, Shelley Hughes, at (239) 246-0277. She’ll answer any concerns you may have.

Thanks again for considering  INVESTOR FRIENDLY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & REALTY SERVICES INC, for your property management needs.

What You Can Expect From

Investor Friendly Property Management & Realty Services Inc.


This is to present your benefits our property owners can expect to receive from Investor Friendly Property Management & Realty Services, Inc. In establishing a personal relationship with our clients, it is important that each party understands exactly what is expected of the other. Our primary objective is to attain the goals and objectives of our clients and your rental properties.


We know that by familiarizing you with our administrative process of how we manage your rental property, we can avoid surprises that could occur later on. It is important that you realize that we will move ahead with our property management process as outlined herein, unless you otherwise direct us in writing. Therefore it is to your benefit to review and understand the following services that are automatically provided and implemented by  Investor Friendly Property Management & Realty Services, Inc. for the benefit of you and your property.


The following is an outline of some of these benefits and services that you as our Client can expect us to automatically provide and institute on your behalf:


Leasing | Leasing Renewals | Property Inspections | Rent Collections & Delinquencies | Property Maintenance & Repair





A. You can expect that we will place our attractive "Home For Rent" yard sign on your property, (if allowed) at least two weeks prior to any known vacancy, or immediately if you have just listed your rental home with us.

B. You can expect that we may place your vacant property in the News Press and/or Shopper if we deem it necessary. Note: All advertising cost, (items A, & C herein) are the expense of the property owner.

C. You can expect that our office will schedule showings of your property 7 days a week to all prospective renters until your rental home is leased.

D. You can expect that all-rental applicants will be subjected to:


1. A verification of applicant's former landlord's references.

2. A verification of the applicant's employment or income.


E. You can expect that we will lease your property at the asking amount of rent, (as outlined in your management agreement with us) or higher. You can expect that we will not lease your property at a lower amount, without first obtaining your permission.

F. You can expect that once the rental applicant process is approved, we will complete and execute the lease agreement and give the tenant’s possession of your rental home.

G. You can expect that we will conduct a "Move-In" property inspection and complete our detailed property inspection data sheets of your property. We also generally take digital pictures of each property to document move-in condition as well.

H. You can expect to be notified by our company that your property has been leased. A copy of the lease agreement is available, once all parties have properly executed it and the tenants have taken possession

Lease Renewals



A. You can expect that we will attempt to renew the tenant’s lease at least 45 days prior to the expiration of their lease agreement.


B. You can expect that we will renew the tenant’s lease for another year at the same or at a slightly higher amount of rent, if possible. We will not renew the lease at a lower amount, without your specific permission to do so.


C. You can expect that we will place our home for rent sign and begin showing the property for lease as outlined in the leasing section above, in the event that the current tenants are not renewing their lease.


D. You can expect that we will renew the tenant’s lease agreement, or re-rent the property to new tenants, unless we have a written directive from you not to renew the lease or re-rent the property.


Property Inspections



You can expect that we will conduct the following property inspections on your property:


A. When your property is vacant, we inspect it each week.


B. We conduct other periodic inspections when requested or if we determine that checking out the property is warranted.


C. We will conduct a "Move-In" inspection prior to new tenants moving into the property.


D. Between the 8th & 10th month of the tenant’s lease we discuss with the tenant’s their desire to renewal their lease.


E.When the tenant’s move out of your property, we do a "Move-Out" inspection and document the condition of the property. We also generally take pictures of this inspection.

F.Investor Friendly Property Maintanece Inc will do regular maintanence every 6 months. This includes changing the A/C filter and reload 9 volt batteries in all smoke detector and or replace if needed. There is a minimal cost.

Rent Collections & Delinquencies


At  Investor Friendly Property Management & Realty Services, Inc. we do not tolerate the delinquent payment of rents. We are careful to explain this policy to new tenants in order to avoid any misunderstandings that might arise later. Our rent collections & delinquencies policies are as follows:


A. You can expect that we will make every effort to collect rents timely and when due on the 1st of each month.


B. You can expect that we will mail your resident a "Friendly Reminder" if rents are not collected by the 3rd of each month.


C. You can expect that we will "Mail " a 3-day notice, (Florida's legal prerequisite to an eviction), between the 2nd and the 5th of the month. You will be charged $25.00 for this service.


D. You can expect that we will turn delinquent tenant’s over for an eviction to be filed on or shortly after the 15th of the month.


  1. In order to place an eviction the procedure is $525.00 plus lock changes. You need to contact Bill directly at 239-267-3425 to complete the rest of the eviction.


Rent Processing & Accounting


At Investor Friendly Property Management & Realty Services Inc. our property management software is the top property management software in the industry. ( Tenant Pro7)


  1. You can expect to receive a monthly report showing all income and expenses of your rental property. You will also get a company FYI letter with your statements every month. This is through email.


  1. Our property owners can expect that we will process your proceed payments to you within 10 business days of receiving it. You will get a hard check via the post office with detsiled expencess.


  1. You must keep a copy of each month’s statements in your files for the taxman at the end of the year. Should you request it from us again at the end of the year there would be a FEE to do so?



    D. You can expect that in the last month of a tenant’s lease, we will hold funds in a trust account to protect you by ensuring that adequate funds are available to make your rental home "rent-ready", thereby ensuring faster lease ups and less vacancy time.

Property Maintenance & Repairs


At  Investor Friendly property Management & Realty Services Inc. to ensure quality service and perhaps reduce the amount of maintenance requested, we require your tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing. Also to keep your cost of service down, we charge new tenants an administrative service fee to handle maintenance and repair request. We believe this will encourage tenants to make his or her own repairs. This allows us not to increase our management fees and will keep your maintenance cost down by involving the tenants in the repair expenses. However, rental homes must be properly maintained in order to preserve the value of the property and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. Florida also has laws that require landlords to comply with certain basic maintenance and repair items.


A. You can expect that Investor Friendly Property Maintanence Inc.  will not make repairs to your property in excess of $250.00, without first obtaining your approval. NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required by law to be affected to your property.


B. You can expect that if your property is vacant, we will affect items necessary to improve the property's show-ability to prospective renters. This means faster lease ups and less vacancy for you. Examples would include: lawn service, carpet cleaning, maid service, pool service, utilities and painting when necessary. In the event that any of these repairs were due to the former tenant’s tenancy, you can expect that we will spend all of their security deposit first (not your money) to put your property back into its pre-rented condition.


C. You can expect that we will institute minor maintenance & repair items ($250.00 or less) as requested by rental applicants to secure a lease to quality tenants for your rental property. To avoid the possibility of major liability to you we also change the locks between each tenancy.


D. You can expect that during the tenant’s tenancy, we will institute minor maintenance & repairs ($250.00 or less) when deemed by us to be necessary for the preservation of your property and/or the continuation of the tenant’s tenancy, usually occurring at the renewal of their lease.


E. You can expect that we will only use repairmen, vendors and tradesmen that are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed on your property.


F. You can expect to receive copies of the original invoices of all repairmen, vendors and tradesmen employed to affect repairs on your property. In some cases we will ask for a direct payment to the vender via credit card if we have to.


Maintenance crews and service men are in good working relationship with Investor Friendly Propety management & Realty Services Inc. and have great quotes for our properties. Please note we will not quote other companies besides our vendors.But you are free to get quotes.



At Investor Friendly Property Managemjent & Realty Services Inc.we believe that communications are the essential element in the success of management. That is the underlying reason for the creation of this "Property Owners Handbook. I am always best to be reached by email. By phone Mon-Thur 9-5 pm and Friday I am in the field all day.


In today's business environment, no one can assume to know or read the mind of another, or be certain of his or her goals and objectives. To this end, Investor Friendly Property Management & Realty Services Inc. has gone to great lengths to be accessible to our tenants and property owners.





Thank you for taking the time to review our "Property Owners Handbook"! We believe it is time well spent, especially for our newer clients. We trust that your experience with our firm will continue to be a pleasant experience and look forward to working with you and your property in the future.


Please do not hesitate to contact us directly any time we may be of service!


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